NYMBYSYS offers their clients a wide range of consulting services, from general systems engineering methodology and practice to focused systems engineering subject matter pertinent to a client's specific project needs.

To find more about how NYMBYSYS can help address your specific needs, please contact us here, and we will respond as soon as we can to open a dialog tailored to you.

Below are a few specific topics related to SE and MBSE in which NYMBYSYS staff can provide unique subject matter expertise.

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Custom Verification Planning and Execution Methodology

One of the remaining challenges today in the current MBSE landscape is adequately addressing the right hand side of the "Vee" diagram.  The SysML framework lacks robustness in handling verification and validation activities.  NYMBYSYS  can create tried and true custom V&V planning, analysis and execution solutions that can be implemented in a wide variety of SysML compliant tools.  These include APIs, connections to test management tools for verification case execution/reporting, up to and including synchronization of data between SysML and Test Case Management tools to ensure the model based environment delivers for your team through the entire lifecycle.

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Interface Definition and Management

NYMBYSYS offers specific and practical methodologies for the decomposition of the physical system architecture and modeling of all interfaces employing a novel phased development approach to interface requirements definition in the model environment.

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Integrated ConOps and OpsCon Models

All enterprises require a dedicated means of planning and optimizing projects and managing resources across the business domain as defined in the Concept of Operations (ConOps).  Individual projects require determination of resource use at the operational level and definition of operational use cases, all of which help inform the specification of operational requirements - this is the Operations Concept (OpsCon).  Coordination of these similar yet distinct entities is vital to project and program success.  NYMBYSYS has developed a modeling methodology that considers this key management practice, greatly increasing chances for objective success.

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Risk and Opportunity Management

Most MBSE tools and platforms (including SysML) do not offer a thorough means of capturing and modeling risks and opportunities within the model-based object-oriented framework.  Since most risks and opportunities can be amply associated with requirements, physical definition, or behavior, integrating this discipling in into a SysML/MBSE environment is a natural fit.  NYMBYSYS can create custom extensions for your team that leverage these relationships and provide fully integrated and traceable connections to ensure the program can extend value beyond just what is understood in the present.